Committed Sustained Informed - Intercession


(Part 8)

"I have been changed for the better by the LOVE of God in the past nine years of prayer and conversation with the Trinity in my journal. I joined this charism with the aim of "going deeper," purifying my heart so that my intercession for the world with my sister and brother in His Global Love may reach the heavens in a pure way. Another important change is that a profound wound which I received when I was 5 years old has surfaced, after years of being suppressed, and is being healed by the Blessed Trinity through the intercession of my dearest Mother Mary and the Precious Blood of Jesus. All praise and thanks be to God." 

Jerri, "Our Lady of Snows, Ark of the Covenant", St. Joseph, Babylon, New York

"As I face fear in my life, His Global Love teaches me that His kindness gives me confidence in His presence. I am able to thank him for his understanding of my weakness, and be assured that my strength is him in me. And that in every moment he is with me. I worship you Lord for your great love and tenderness towards me, Amen." 

Diane, "Our Lady of Snows, Ark of the Covenant", St. Joseph, Babylon, New York 


"My journey in this "call" to intercession began in January-February of 1995 when, in the midst of a 30-day silent retreat in Glouster, Massachusetts, I was taken by God into deep silence and solitude. During and after that retreat time both John's Gospel and the Letters of St. John opened up to me in a way I had never personally experienced before. Later I would learn that St. John is symbolized by "the eagle", a symbol of contemplation. God began to draw me closer to His Heart, taking me from glory to glory through purification and inner healing, and bringing me into my truer identity. He also began to set this contemplative foundation alongside my charismatic roots in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. In 2007 I was drawn into a deeper relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary that has deepened and matured since. An experience early on Easter morning in 2013 drew me more deeply into the celebration of the Eucharist and preaching in the power of the Spirit. His Global Love is a "vision" for each of us in the Mystical Body of Christ. God calls me to be a "sacrament" of His presence in the world as a contemplative intercessor. I am to be an earthen vessel through which His divine life reaches other human beings." 

Fr. Kevin, "His Global Love Core Team" (Mary, Ark of the New Covenant), Omaha, Nebraska 





























































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