Committed Sustained Informed - Intercession
Let Us Pray

***Praise Report: For graces received for relationships between certain nations in the Middle East***

For the recovery of President Trump, the First Lady, and several White House staff members from the Coronavirus

For the grace to cooperate with God's Mercy by offering up our sacrifices and inconveniences to obtain graces for others


For the souls of all those who have died from the Corona virus, for healing of those infected by the Corona virus, and for a safe vaccine to be available to the public soon


For the healing of the psychological effects of the Corona virus, and for the truth to be embraced

For an end of the lawless, violent behavior that has swept across our world










For God's protection of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and for a speedy confirmation process   





For the 2020 elections, to pray for the truth to be revealed   



For a greater respect for, and obedience to, legitimate authority  



For reconciliation and peace amongst all nations  






For the people of Lebanon in the midst of the after effects from the  second explosion in Beirut  





For continued safety during the school year for all teachers and students  







For God's graces for all the people who are experiencing the after effects of natural disasters  


























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