Committed Sustained Informed - Intercession
The Call
"The Call" #1
      “If today you hear God's voice, harden not your hearts!” (Psalm 95:8)
"The Call" #2
      You want me to go where?
"The Call" #3
      God's ways are not our ways
"The Call" #4
      Who Am I ? (FEAR)
"The Call" #5
      Battle Ready
"The Call" #6
      There Is No Greater Love Than to Lay Down One's Life For a Friend (Confidence)
"The Call" #7
      You Were Made for Such a Time...(Conscience)
“The Call # 8”
      He Gave It All
“The Call #9”
      You Want Me to Pray for My Enemies? (God's Love/Mercy)
“The Call #10”
      Build the Wall (Stand in the Gap)
"The Call #11"
      You Alone Are My God and I Worship You Lord (Loyalty)
“The Call # 12”
      Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord! (Fortitude)
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