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"Icons of Intercession"

(Biblical Men and Women of Empowered Prayer #7) 

Stand Fast (loyalty and devotion to God) 

Everything King Hezekiah did was in a spirit of complete loyalty and devotion to his God. 

Isaiah 37:3-7:  

3 "This is the message which he told them to give to Isaiah: "Today is a day of suffering; we are being punished and are in disgrace. We are like a woman who is ready to give birth, but is too weak to do it. 4 The Assyrian emperor has sent his chief official to insult the living God. May the Lord your God hear these insults and punish those who spoke them. So pray to God for those of our people who survive." 5 When Isaiah received King Hezekiah's message, 6 he sent back this answer: "The Lord tells you not to let the Assyrians frighten you by their claims that he cannot save you. 7 The Lord will cause the emperor to hear a rumor that will make him go back to his own country, and the Lord will have him killed there."  

Isaiah 37:35 (God said) "I will defend this city and protect it for the sake of my honor and the promise I made to my servant David."  

Question: The Lord has made many promises to His people. Are we steadfast in our loyalty and devotion to Him? Do I really believe the Lord will always defend me from my enemies?  

Fear is a Liar (perfect love casts out fear) 

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" 

Isaiah 51:12-14: "Why should you live in constant fear of the fury of those who oppress you...their fury can no longer touch you." 

Psalm 92:1-2: "Sing in your honor, O Most High God, to proclaim Your constant love..." 

Questions: We are told in Psalm 91:11, "God will put His angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go." Do I truly believe in God's love and protection? If I am working from this posture of confidence; am I better able to intercede for what He (the Lord) places on my heart?  
























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