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"Saints of Empowered Prayer: St. Therese of Lisieux"

St. Therese of Lisieux: She was born Theresa Martin in Alencon, France in 1873, the fifth daughter in a deeply religious family. Theresa's sisters all became nuns and that was her desire also. At a very young age, she entered the Carmel at Lisieux where she was known as Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Nine anonymous years later she was dead at the age of 24. Under obedience to her religious superiors she wrote her autobiography and we learn of her passionate love, particularly for God, her family and for all souls on earth. At the heart of her spirituality, called the "little way", was a powerful metaphor: In our relationship with God we are very small children. We always will be. There is no need to be anything else.  

          Life in a Carmelite convent is indeed uneventful and consists mainly of prayer and hard work. Theresa believed that holy insight redeemed the time however dull that time may be. She saw in quiet suffering a redemptive suffering,. She was to have great suffering. She said she came into the convent "to save souls and pray for priests". Shortly before she died, she wrote: "I want to spend my heaven doing good for earth." Theresa died on September 30, 1897. She was canonized in 1925 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1997. Her feast day is October 1st. 



1) How would I describe the focus of my family, and my life? 

2) Do I see myself as a very small child in my relationship with God? Are there any changes needed to become that small child?  















































































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