Committed Sustained Informed - Intercession
(Part 1)
      “Being an intercessor has changed my life! When I look back over my career as a nurse, I have learned that prayer truly changes things. I am committed to this ministry and take seriously all we are asked to pray for. I believe our prayers make a difference.”
(Part 2)
      “I have been on a journey to know self and God and to be in relationship with Him for many, many years. It was the Charism of His Global Love that opened my heart by revealing the wounds and brokenness that blocked a deeper relationship with Our Lord.”
(Part 3)
      “Being an intercessor is to live a life of joy in intimacy with the Father, who is very fond of me. It is having the Triune God walk the earth through the intercessor. My heart beats as one with God in JOY.”
(Part 4)
      “Intercession means focusing on Christ and His role in our humanity. Intercession means relying on the Will and Love of the Father. Intercession means allowing /welcoming the Holy Spirit to breathe life into our souls, our lives, and our wonder. To me, intercession is a gift, a privilege, an opportunity and honor to share in the mystery of God’s life and in His creation.
(Part 5)
      “My life changed since I became an intercessor. My love for Jesus has grown and grown. He has called me by name, I am His. He has walked me on a special walk in life healing a very deep childhood wound. A blessing indeed, for now I can pray with and care for those in need. I feel so comfortable with them because Jesus and Mary are with me.”
(Part 6)
      “I am so very grateful to God for the “Call” on my life to be an “Intercessor”. Once I gave my “Yes”, the Lord changed my life in so many ways and at so many different levels over the past 22 years. By the great love and mercy of God, He healed my inner most wounds from inside my Mother's womb and had me born again with the Heavenly Father being my Father and Blessed Mother being my Mother.
(Part 7)
      “Although I was raised with a deep faith in God I never had a personal relationship with him. Throughout my life I joined many different prayer groups but they never fulfilled my needs. Nineteen years ago I joined His Global Love community where I began a journey that drew me into a deep personal relationship with our Lord. As my relationship grew my life began to change. I came to know who I am and who’s I am.
(Part 8)
      “I have been changed for the better by the LOVE of God in the past nine years of prayer and conversation with the Trinity in my journal. I joined this charism with the aim of “going deeper,” purifying my heart so that my intercession for the world with my sister and brother in His Global Love may reach the heavens in a pure way. Another important change is that a profound wound which I received when I was 5 years old has surfaced
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