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Risen Lamb Writings
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"Risen Lamb Writings"

"Whispers of Light" (part 7)

          At the Annunciation Mary's "yes"--"May it be done to me according to your word"--was given both for life and death, receiving and offering, victimhood and victory, joy and sorrow, for "nightfall when weeping enters in" and for "the dawn" when there is "rejoicing" (see Psalm 30:6)! Mary's soul proclaims both "the greatness of the Lord" (see Luke 1:46), and "the death of the Lord" (see 1 Cr. 11:26). These are all aspects of her perpetual fiat that she desires to unite intercessors to. A "Marian-formed heart" is a heart that accepts God's saving will in the world--sometimes through suffering, sorrow and tears--but, oh, the unsurpassed joy as well!!

          When the angel, Gabriel, said to Mary, "For nothing will be impossible for God", we are reminded that it was through her that God enfleshed himself in the world making it possible for Him to die in a human nature. Through Mary He made the impossible possible: God  would die on a cross. When Mary says, "I am the servant of the Lord", she is uniting herself forever to the One who is the "suffering servant" (see Is. 52:13-53:12) . Her words, "According to your word" will ultimately refer to "according to your crucified-resurrected Word", himself. At the Annunciation Mary conceived the Word of life who would enter the world in order to offer himself for the life of the world!

           Mary forms an intercessor to embrace wholeheartedly the saving will of God in the world. In Luke 1:38 Mary speaks forth the complete surrender of her will and her entire life into God's hands--not unlike her Son's surrender: "Not what I will but what you will" (Mark 14:36). This total handing over of oneself is reminiscent of Jesus' last words on the cross, "Father into your hands I commend my spirit" (Luke 23:46). Living out Luke 1:38 will lead each of us to "the palm of living martyrdom" as the Holy Spirit and Mary draw us into the "paschal partnership" that she shares with Jesus. For, more and more, it will be the King of martyrs, the Lamb himself, who now lives within us. His great desire is to continue to live the mysteries of his life--especially his dying and rising--within us.

          Our call as intercessors is to offer ourselves as holy victims pleasing in God's eyes (see Rom. 12:1-2). Mary knows how to form us for true victimhood. This is a sharing in the victimhood of "the Lamb and the woman". Keep in mind that the more one shares in the victimhood of Jesus and Mary, the more one shares in their victory. There is tremendous power in spiritual victimhood. We are speaking here of "a lifestyle" of living out Luke 1:38.

          Living Luke 1:38 as the "personal paradigm" of one's life will always lead one to live out Col. 1:24 as well. Col. 1:24 states, "In my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body which is the church." One may be inclined to ask "what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ?" The answer is that in Jesus himself nothing is lacking. The mystery of his suffering is already fulfilled in him--already complete. Yet, God created each of us with intellect and free will. Each of us is invited to now exercise our intellect and free will by accepting the truth of the Saving Love of Jesus, allowing the Lamb, through Mary, to continue the mystery of his suffering and death in us, and to  choose willfully to unite our sorrows, sufferings and tears to those of the Lamb.

           Mary was the first to live Col. 1:24 by willfully uniting her suffering and sorrow to that of her Son, the "man of sorrows". Col. 1:24 refers to the mystery of Jesus' passion being mysteriously filled out in the present sufferings of the members of his Body, the Church. Now through Mary, Jesus desires to give each of us a share in the mystery of his paschal suffering--to extend it to us--to continue it in us. Mary knows how to form an intercessor to willfully unite one's whole life to that of the Lamb who was slain.

(to be continued)


1)   Am I at peace, or am I anxious, of this call to victimhood?

2)   Am I aware of any interior changes that might indicate that my heart is becoming more a "Marian-formed" heart?


Any scripture from the text; 2 Cr. 4:10-12; 2 Cr. 5:15.



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