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A New Season
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"A New Season"

"Mission" (Relational Purpose: Part 5)

          As intercessors we are called to be one with the Lamb of God and his mission to take away sin, and his ministry of reconciliation. This being 'one' with Jesus is called transforming union. Our charism ('to live Jesus and his cross') gives life to others because it gives Jesus to others. Our charism has been given so that out of our union with the Lamb, we may obtain this same union for others--so that each person might experience the intimacy of God as Father personally.

          This transforming union with the Lamb takes place primarily in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is both the "Transformer" and "Sanctifier" of our lives. Jesus wants to live within us in the power of his Holy Spirit. This incarnational reality (becoming extensions of his incarnation) can only come about through transforming union. Transforming union comes forth only from contemplation and being with God. We experience this union when we receive Jesus into ourselves. Then, we begin to undergo the process by which we become totally one with him.

          In this union we are called to be transformed into 'Jesus Christ Crucified', the Lamb who was slain. This means the cross. Transforming union involves a dying (a death to self for each of us) so that we can be united with Jesus on the cross. We can only do this when we have this charismatic gift of "agape love" (sacrificial love for others) operating within us. As intercessors we are offered only in union with the Lamb. We never go to "Calvary" alone. So, we need to beg God for this gift.

          We can only experience the full power of the resurrection if we first enter into the dying process (the death of the Lord within ourselves)--dying to ourselves (our way, our wants, our desires) so that the Lamb may 'rise' within our hearts. In the spirit of Phil. 3:10 we need to be formed into the pattern of his death, totally dead to self so that life comes forth. Then, as we are united with the Lamb in our life and lifestyle, Jesus can 'reach out' from within us to continue to reunite all humanity to God.

          The fruit of this transforming union is that we begin to live more fully because we are living his life, filled with his divinity. We become life-bearers for others. In a mystical way we begin to  give life when Jesus takes over from within us. It is he who now works through us when we are in such intimate union with him. Jesus begins to intercede through us. The power of intercession is released when we are so united with him on the cross, totally dead to ourselves. Jesus takes us to where he is: "Where I am there will my servant be" (John 12:26). If we are on the cross with the Lamb, he takes us to the Father's right hand to intercede with him. Another fruit of this union is that we become a "sacrament of love", bringing the presence of Jesus wherever we go. Through this abiding with him, we become holy, and a house of prayer for all people. Becoming one with the heart of Jesus Christ Crucified makes us 'qualified ministers of the New Covenant'. Then, Jesus can move through us to bring others into holiness and union with God.


1)   Are there areas in my life where I am still not one with Jesus?

2)   Am I conscious of any ways in which Jesus has begun to "take over" from within me and work through me?


Any scripture from the text; Rom. 6:4-5; Rom. 6:8,11; Eph. 3:14-21



Remember that we must be a praying Church: Am I praying for our Church and our world?

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