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Risen Lamb Writings
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"Risen Lamb Writings"

"The Wound of Love"

          In contemplative prayer, intercessors are drawn to the "King's gate"--the "gate"of the wounded side of Jesus. Here, we "drink freely of love" (Songs 5:1): The life-giving spring that flows from his pierced heart. With the fullness of desire, we experience how sweet and agreeable he is. We drink deeply of the living water that never fails. Here we experience the Lamb himself, who is "that fountain of life, the fountain of love--ever and again to be desired, ever and again to be consumed" (From an instruction by Saint Columban, abbot; cited in LH, vol. IV;p. 173).

           Here at the "Lamb's gate" contemplative intercessors drink from the wellspring of "wounded love".  Here, "deep calls to- deep" (Ps. 42:8) as Jesus "wound[s] the depths of our souls with a healing wound" (ibid;p.174): "I was wounded in the house of my dear ones" (Zech. 13:6). When our hearts are pierced by the Lamb, this "wound of love" is not only intended for our own healing, so that each of us can live in "a sincere and pure commitment to Christ" (2Cr. 11:3B); but also, we are wounded for the sake of others: So that we can identify with and love the "dear ones" we pray for now and those whom the Spirit will "press upon our heart" to pray for in the future.

          In The Song of Songs, the beloved says, "Draw me, we will follow you eagerly" (Songs 1:4). One notes the use of the singular pronoun, me, then the sudden shift to the plural, we. An intercessor is never drawn to the wounded side of the Lamb for oneself only, but also on behalf of all those people one holds within one's heart--even "the nations of the world" (The Cantata of Love, Blaise Arminjon, S. J.; p. 72).

          The closer the union with the wounded heart of the Lamb, the more that a soul loves and desires to share in the Lamb's "wounded Love" for the world--hence, the more the soul suffers for the sake of love. Here the soul's capacity to drink from the fountain of love grows, and the heart's capacity to "hold" even more souls to intercede for grows. How sweet and agreeable it is "to know the love of Christ" (Eph.3:19).

"Blessed is the soul so wounded by love. Such a soul seeks the fountain of eternal life and drinks from it, although it continues to thirst and its thirst grows ever greater even as it drinks"         
(ibid; p. 174)

This growing thirst is simultaneously a thirst for God and a thirst for souls.


   1) Have I noticed any personal, inner growth from the deep heart piercings in my life?

   2) Whom do I find most difficult to identify with, to love, and to intercede for ?


Any scripture from the text; Ps. 42:2-3; John 4: 10,14; John 19:37;  Rev. 21:6B


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