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A New Season
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"A New Season"

"Identity" (Relational Truth: part 9)

          Being 'joint heirs' (see Rom. 8:17) with Jesus, children of God share a special bond of communion with him and in him, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We are to be close associates of Jesus. Like him we are invited to know God as our Father and to place full confidence in Him; for, "The LORD set his heart on you and chose you" (Duet. 7:7). As St. Peter reminds us, We are chosen, royal and holy (see 1Pet. 2:9). As joint heirs with Jesus we share both in "the secret of His mission and the mystery of His person" (An Undivided Heart; Sr. Evelyn Ann Schumacher, O.S.F., p. 3).

          St. John says, "See what love the Father has bestowed on us in letting us be called children of God" (1John 3:1). This love of the Father has been revealed to us through the suffering love of Jesus in the world. Having entered into our human condition, Jesus suffered the deprivations of hunger and thirst, and the reality of temptation, etc. in his human nature. Suffering was part of his training in obedience: "Son though he was he learned obedience from what he suffered" (Heb.5:8). We are reminded that Jesus was "obedient to death" (Phil. 2:8). 1 Sam. 15:22 says, "Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission than the fat of rams". Jesus united in himself obedience, suffering and sacrifice. It was  Jesus' obedience to the Father to his last breath on the cross that gave  his sacrifice its ultimate efficacy, and was the ultimate revelation of his "love beyond all telling". 

          St. Paul reminds us in Rom.8:17 that as children of God we are "joint heirs with Christ if only we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him." Living in our true identity as children of God requires of us a daily dying to self--hence, a daily determination, courage and prayer. Because we desire the love of the Father to be in us, we seek to do everything to please the Father. Hence, we must strive to overcome everything that is not from the Father (see 1 John 2: 15-16). Our being joint heirs is also an invitation by God to become a "grain of wheat that dies" because we share in the self-emptying of Jesus in the world for the salvation of the world. With Jesus we are called to be his "collaborators" in the redemption of the world. We share both in his dying and in his rising: "If, then, we have died with Christ we believe that we shall also live with him" (Rom. 6:8). If we don't have a union with Jesus in his personal death and resurrection, we can't share in his redemptive power. It is his redemptive power at work within us that allows us to 'conquer the world' through obedient faith.


1)   How do I exercise a daily dying to self in my day-to-day living?

2)   When I am suffering do I remain faithful to God in daily prayer, loving sacrifice and obedience?


Any scripture from the text; 2 Cr.1:5-7; Phil.3:10; 1Pet.4:13



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