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A New Season
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"A New Season"

"Identity" (Relational Truth: part 14)

          As children of Mary we are formed in her Heart which is the center and source of her interior life. Mary desires to extend to her spiritual children a share in her rich, deep interior life. Like her, she wants us to be always 'heart' oriented. Mary's Heart is possessed by God completely. It is the Heart of one who trusts God totally and loves God fully. Mary's Heart is Immaculate: It is totally pure, holy, free of sin and fully consecrated to--set apart and belonging completely to--God.

           At the Annunciation Mary's Heart became both the "first home" of the Lamb of God in the world, and also the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit ( see Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Vol. I. Missal, p. 233). Mary desires to extend these two mysteries of her Heart to her spiritual children. By her intercession she helps us to receive Jesus into the "home" of our hearts, and to receive the presence of the Holy Spirit into our inmost being. Mary desires the Lamb to grow within each of us mystically, and to have him share the mysteries of his life, death and resurrection with us by allowing these mysteries to continue now in our humanity. Mary, herself, desires to extend the mysteries of her own life to her children who are formed in her Immaculate Heart. 

          The mystery of the Annunciation is oriented towards the eradication of sin. Mary desires to reproduce and continue her faith within each of us. In addition, she desires to unite us to her perpetual "yes" to God so we will always accept God's saving will for our lives. Mary's "yes" at the Annunciation was the beginning of the New Covenant of Love: The work of reconciliation between God and humanity. Faith is a covenant, and so real faith involves the heart, love, relationship and union.

          Hidden in the Annunciation is the reality of the cross. Mary's "yes" united her to the Suffering Servant, the Lamb of God. Hence, the Heart of Mary that we are formed in is both an Immaculate Heart and a pierced heart. The Holy Spirit and Mary work together to form us into holy, victim lambs--those who are dedicated to the saving mission of Jesus in the world.

           At the Annunciation Mary was invited to be a most active participant in "the drama" of sin. She became united with the Lamb and linked to his destiny forever. True children of Mary are, like her, to be associated with the "hour" of the offering of the Lamb--the "hour of supreme love"--on the altar of the cross. Mary invites each of us to make our own permanent consent to God, to unite our faith and consent to hers and to allow the Lamb to dwell in our hearts in order to impact the world.


1)   Is there a mystery in the life of Mary that I identify with most?

2)   Am I aware of good fruit borne from my being united to the perpetual "yes" of Mary to God?


Any scripture from the text; Sir. 4:12-14; Luke 2:35; 2 Cr. 1:18-19



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